Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baju nikah part 1

belek2 lagi kain nikah yg mak beli tu...
siap balut kat badan...
bentang kat sofa...
bentang dkt pintu almari....
sume tempat dah bentang...

tb2 rs cantik la pulak... hehe.. really nice and simple..
lagi pun dont u want to look sweet and simple during your nikah kn??
xnak sarat2 kan??
klu nak beadings, blh je request taylor/designer for neckline and lengan.... abis cerita..

act, xabis lagi crita :p
design dah ada dlm kepala- thanks to pengantin magazine =)
wish i could elobrate more on the design but wait for next entry la ye..
left w which taylor/designer should i send to ...
tru bloghopping and weeks of endless hunting/searching, 2 names hv been short-listed..
these 2 designer/taylor will cost me within my budget..
affordable rates and professional---> reason why i'm choosing them..
just hav to pick any 1 of them..
will reveal theirs name on the next entry k .. :p

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