Friday, October 30, 2009

moleskine for hantaran

its not taking too much time for me to decide on fiance~'s hantaran.
These typical item just pop out...

*sirih junjung
*shirt together with tie
*wallet and belt

after had a talk with fiancy, he like to have moleskine notebook & pen instead of shirt/tie. sorry sayang.. lupa lak yg u've been admiring tis book...
for those who nvr heard of these 'Moleskine', its a legendary notebook..
its been use by artist and thinkers like Van Gough, Picasso..
here for some info..

i cant believe my eyes when 1st time looking at the price. RM 55 for that tiny thingy kidding..
for me,i can get something similiar for less than RM 5!!

but after doing some clicking on MOLESKINE, its actually 'something' for those who really appreciate it...

so, plz do some correction on the list~~~~

*shirt together with tie  moleskine and pen

** nota kaki
dr dulu mr fiance~ xgemar sgtla beli baju..
klu diberi pilihan:
beli baju + makan angin
beli baju + makan makan
beli baju + tgk wayang
beli baju + lepak lepak

= jwpnnye mestila BKN BELI BAJU

Monday, October 26, 2009

wedding theme prt 1

talking about wdding theme, i just love combination of English and traditional..
not totally malay classic but meets with English elements

me with whitey dress holding this white roses bouquet...
him definitely with white malay suits together with tanjak and keris...berangan~~~hehe

and of cause roses on my dais and hantaran....
pastikan WHITE ROSES ye...
i always love them..

nikah??? off white pilihan hati
reception??? klu boleh nak putih gak
but okla..reception plzz choose white with one of these color combination,
-white + silver
-white + pinky peach
-white + red roses
decide plzz......

so, heres the conclusion:
* akad nikah - off white.
* MY reception - English meets malay concept
- combination of white + .... color.(80% white + 20% .....)
* Bertandang - his mom n aunties will decide on everything..biasela.. grandson..i can imagine how excited these aunties preparing on their big boy's big day..heee, im waiting darling..

yeay!! done with clors and theme..start hunting kain lace for akad nikah dress!!...

new energy

im back!!.. back with diff level of energy..higher of course.. :)
xde nak majuk2 dgn mr fiancy lg... dia pandai pujuk, pandai buat aku ketawa balik.. dats the most thing i like about him..


Friday, October 23, 2009

missing you

gaduh, gaduh, gaduh...
ini semua sbb tak pernah fkrkan dia bla buat someting.
but its normal la perempuan, mn blh kena marah.. kita yg merajuk balik..

i know im not the only one.. all gals out there will do the same aite
dh minta maaff..
adela pujuk skit..
i know im the worst when it comes to do the persuading nihhh...haihhh
but at least i do something..

it just not enough for him..
everythings getting wrong after dat..

we dont call each other...
im starting to miss mr fiancy
sorry sayangg

Thursday, October 22, 2009

hunting the date

i was engaged to mr fiancee on 15 August 2009... :)
it almost 3 months now and i havent set our wedding date yet. PELIK kan?
i hv to wait my sis decide on her wed date 1st... we engaged in the same year 2009!! i'm august and her's jan... i know it will difficult for us to search the suitable date...furthermore, mom dont want us to kawin serentak.. dono why.. for me, aiman xkesahhh

mr fiance want us to get married by 2010, by hook or by crook 2010 ok! ...hehe dia xnak lama2.. masa rombongan meminang pun both side agreed to be 1 year. so, it should be on Aug 2010....but to play safe im prefer Oct 2010.

i will let him do the talking with my parents this coming Jan. while i just hint them. its easier that way... xmau pening2 kepala lagi.

So..yaippp done with the date,, assumable October 2010.
will f/up this coming Jan 2010

launching time

dh lama aku create blog ni... kira2 thn lepas la jugak..
saja gatal2,suka2 tu pun sbb tgk mr fiance~ and his sibling ade blog sendri...sonok lak baca

tp ni baru nak start ke???????
xpe2, better late than neveHHH!!!

ni sume sbb been busy with work/love/famili life
infact always hate writing since primary..haha exclude the diary k)
can guess how bad was my karangan back then.;p

so, hari ni merupakan hari perasmian blog KU..
here will be the place where my journey to be his bride begin..
not to forget, me with my dreamy white dress on dat special day.. :)