Monday, October 26, 2009

wedding theme prt 1

talking about wdding theme, i just love combination of English and traditional..
not totally malay classic but meets with English elements

me with whitey dress holding this white roses bouquet...
him definitely with white malay suits together with tanjak and keris...berangan~~~hehe

and of cause roses on my dais and hantaran....
pastikan WHITE ROSES ye...
i always love them..

nikah??? off white pilihan hati
reception??? klu boleh nak putih gak
but okla..reception plzz choose white with one of these color combination,
-white + silver
-white + pinky peach
-white + red roses
decide plzz......

so, heres the conclusion:
* akad nikah - off white.
* MY reception - English meets malay concept
- combination of white + .... color.(80% white + 20% .....)
* Bertandang - his mom n aunties will decide on everything..biasela.. grandson..i can imagine how excited these aunties preparing on their big boy's big day..heee, im waiting darling..

yeay!! done with clors and theme..start hunting kain lace for akad nikah dress!!...

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