Friday, October 30, 2009

moleskine for hantaran

its not taking too much time for me to decide on fiance~'s hantaran.
These typical item just pop out...

*sirih junjung
*shirt together with tie
*wallet and belt

after had a talk with fiancy, he like to have moleskine notebook & pen instead of shirt/tie. sorry sayang.. lupa lak yg u've been admiring tis book...
for those who nvr heard of these 'Moleskine', its a legendary notebook..
its been use by artist and thinkers like Van Gough, Picasso..
here for some info..

i cant believe my eyes when 1st time looking at the price. RM 55 for that tiny thingy kidding..
for me,i can get something similiar for less than RM 5!!

but after doing some clicking on MOLESKINE, its actually 'something' for those who really appreciate it...

so, plz do some correction on the list~~~~

*shirt together with tie  moleskine and pen

** nota kaki
dr dulu mr fiance~ xgemar sgtla beli baju..
klu diberi pilihan:
beli baju + makan angin
beli baju + makan makan
beli baju + tgk wayang
beli baju + lepak lepak

= jwpnnye mestila BKN BELI BAJU

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