Thursday, October 22, 2009

hunting the date

i was engaged to mr fiancee on 15 August 2009... :)
it almost 3 months now and i havent set our wedding date yet. PELIK kan?
i hv to wait my sis decide on her wed date 1st... we engaged in the same year 2009!! i'm august and her's jan... i know it will difficult for us to search the suitable date...furthermore, mom dont want us to kawin serentak.. dono why.. for me, aiman xkesahhh

mr fiance want us to get married by 2010, by hook or by crook 2010 ok! ...hehe dia xnak lama2.. masa rombongan meminang pun both side agreed to be 1 year. so, it should be on Aug 2010....but to play safe im prefer Oct 2010.

i will let him do the talking with my parents this coming Jan. while i just hint them. its easier that way... xmau pening2 kepala lagi.

So..yaippp done with the date,, assumable October 2010.
will f/up this coming Jan 2010

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