Thursday, October 22, 2009

launching time

dh lama aku create blog ni... kira2 thn lepas la jugak..
saja gatal2,suka2 tu pun sbb tgk mr fiance~ and his sibling ade blog sendri...sonok lak baca

tp ni baru nak start ke???????
xpe2, better late than neveHHH!!!

ni sume sbb been busy with work/love/famili life
infact always hate writing since primary..haha exclude the diary k)
can guess how bad was my karangan back then.;p

so, hari ni merupakan hari perasmian blog KU..
here will be the place where my journey to be his bride begin..
not to forget, me with my dreamy white dress on dat special day.. :)

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